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Are you paying too much $$$

February 18, 2009

Daily the news is – well -pretty darn gloomy, jobs lost, homes lost.
In my new venture with Cellular Sales – Verizon, I am pleased I’ve been able to help folks save money.  Below is an actual free Plan Review I did today. It is typical of what I find:

  • Most folks think they need more minutes than they do.
  • Most folks are paying too much for their cell plan.
  • Most folks have no clue what their actual usage or needs are.

Plan Review:

Current plan:  Verizon NATIONWIDE SELECT FAMILY SHARE  4000 minutes
Includes Voice Calls, Unlimited Messaging, Long distance, No Roaming

$200 first line
$9.99 each additional line  (extra features not included)
Total monthly base = $219.98

  • Average Minutes used over the last 3 months
    • ***-****-  645
    • ***-****- 472
    • ***-****-    56
      Total  1173 minutes (peak out of network, these are the minutes that count towards your shared minutes)

Suggested Plan:

$130 first line
$9.99 each additional line
Total monthly base =  $149.98

Note: there is also a 1400 Minute plan BUT that may be cutting it close

Features review:

    • ***-**** – insurance $4.99/ month
    • ***-****- no added features
    • ***-****- insurance $4.99/ month, Mobile email & unlimited web for smart phone $29.99/ month

Features discussion:

For your current use of the phones you have, your features are appropriate. The only thing you may consider is the need for the insurance, that is a personal consideration. Your annual cost for the insurance is $60 per phone & there is a $50 deductible if you use it.

Currently only one line is using a smart phone – it has the best plan for that phone currently offered.

Phone Review:

You all are eligible for new phones on the 1st of April 09.

Tell me about how each of you use a phone. I know there is already one smart phone user & ****has expressed an interest in one too. How about ******?

Once I have information on your phone needs ie:  basic phone – used just to talk & get Voice mail or smart phone – used as an expanded office tool with email & web access; I’ll be able to make some recommendations.  At that time I can bring some phones to your office for your hands on consideration.

Recommendation for now:

Change your plan to the 2100 minutes & save $69.99 per month (that’s $839.88/year)

Cell phones are part of our lives, they have become part of our culture. To most of us they will be the last thing that is cut when times are hard.  So why are so many folks paying too much?

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