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Yum – tasty words…

July 2, 2009

Yep – the sound you hear is me eating my words. When the Blackberry Storm came out in December I was excited but then disappointed. The keyboard was clunky & not easy to use, the camera was beyond slow, scrolling was not great etc… When I took 4 demo phones to REBCVA, Samsung Omnia, Samsung Saga, Blackberry Curve & Blackberry Storm for the tech savvy bunch of REALTORs to play with; they all wanted to love the Storm but just could not.

WELL, that was then & this is now.  After reading about software updates, BB APP World & improved features; I decided to give the Storm another whirl. This is where the eating my words comes in – I LOVE THE STORM!

Love was not instant – it was certainly not love straight out of the box.

My list of Storm MUSTS:

  • Update the software!! I can’t say this loud enough! The new software makes this phone fun!

The camera is fast & takes great photos, the touch screen is much more sensitive, scrolling is smooth, accurate & uses a soft touch… (BlackBerry Device Software v4.7 (updated 6/1/2009))Also check BlackBerry Device Update page

  • Application Center – Preloaded BB Apps for you to Install.

My favs include:

  • Blackberry App World
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • BlackBerry AppWorld – Once this is installed the real fun begins. Caution you could spend days here..

A couple of my favorites are:

  • Pandora Radio – Internet Radio – “It’s radio that is personalized just for you, playing only the music that you love” FREE
  • Viigoone click access to News, Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Markets, Movies FREE
  • everything Blackberry – forums, blogs, user help, downloads, tips…
  • Blackberry Storm Videos Tips and Tricks video library! Learn how to use your GPS to map locations, experiment with music and video players, along with quick tips on using the SurePress™ touch screen. And to do even more with your BlackBerry Storm smartphone, visit the BlackBerry 101 section below and learn about setting up email accounts, composing text messages and more!

These are just a few tips – please comment & add your favorites.
Most of all ENJOY!

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