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Is your Business Paying too Much?

June 26, 2009

Honestly, I was shocked when I prepared this recent small Business Account Verizon Wireless Plan analysis.  As a business owner with over 30 years experience, I am very familiar with demands of operating a successful business.  Effective control of overhead & operating expenses are critical to the continued success of any business.   Do you regularly review your operating costs? Does your personal wireless account manager perform quarterly reviews of your plans? (oh- you don’t have a personal account manager).

Just one example of a REAL  review:

Verizon Business Cell Phone Plan Review


Current Plan:
Family Share 2500 Minutes

New Small Business SharePlan:
2100 Minutes





$140 less 8%=  128.80

100 less 8% =92.00


Txt plan $5


share 1






share 2






share 3






share 4




19 ($4.75)
no text plan







Plan Recommendations:

  • Change to the new Small Business SharePlan 2100 Minutes for
    plan savings of  $414.76 per year
  • Eligible for 10 shared Friends & Family
    • Monitor minutes after Family & Friends – may be able to reduce plan to 1400 shared minutes for an additional savings of $18.40 per month or $220.80 additional savings/year
  • Add $5  – 250 Text  Message Plan to Share #4
  • Insurance personal choice
  • PLUS added Benefit available to Employee Liable Verizon Cell Phones – 8% discount on Primary line.

By changing this 5 line small business to one of the NEW Small Business Share Plans with Friends & Family for Business,  reviewing their actually needs & usage;  this local small Business may be able to save up to $635 per year.

Now are you ready to have your own personal Wireless consultant review your wireless plan?

Contact Candy Lynn
540-460-0058 voice & text
candy at candy lynn dot com
@candylynn on twitter

Quality Professional Service for Individuals & Businesses

Quality Professional Service for Individuals & Businesses



May 29, 2009
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Great site to plan color themes.
Perfect for seeing the relationship between colors.
Use it for planing your room colors, landscaping plan…
any project that involves color.

DesignsbyC now on

May 2, 2009

Visit & Shop:

Each morning I am awaken by dazzling sunrises over the Blue Ridge Mountains here in the Valley of Virginia and am inspired. Color is my passion, jewelry, quilts, knitting anything that uses color gets my creative juices going; including Web Design & Photography.

I hold a BFA from East Carolina University School of Art. For many years I have lived the life of an entrepreneur with several businesses that have used my creative talents but not allowed me to fully explore the art within. Now is my time to fulfill life long dreams. Please share the adventure & the results.

For Rent N. Rockbridge County VA

April 21, 2009

RENTED Thank you!

Great 3 Bedroom 2 1/2 Bath Brick Ranch Home for Rent!
Superb location between Lexington & Staunton Virginia. Great Blue Ridge Views.
Bright & Spacious home featuring a cooks delight eat-in-kitchen, hard wood floors, large living room, partially finished walk out basement.
$975 per month
Contact: Candy Lynn owner/agent
Valley of Virginia Real Estate

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Rural Broadband

April 3, 2009

Tony Melone, senior vice president and chief technology officer for Verizon Wireless, said during an interview at the CTIA Wireless 2009 tradeshow Wednesday that the new 4G network that the company is building will blanket the entire continental United States, including the far corners of rural America.

“The licenses we bought in the 700MHz auction cover the whole U.S.,” Melone said. “And we plan to roll out LTE throughout the entire country, including places where we don’t offer our CDMA cell phone service today.”

Very exciting news for those of us in the rural areas of the country.
Also read “Doing the wi-fi shuffle”

Where do Buyers find the home they purchase?

March 31, 2009


According the the National Association of REALTORS® research:

“Of all homebuyers, 87% used the Internet to search for a home in 2008, up from 84% in 2007, 80% in 2006, and 2% in 1997″

Where home buyers found the home they purchased- 2001 vs. 2008:


(Graph from

The chart shows the Internet is the fastest growing source for for Home Buyers up from 8% to 32%,  with the biggest loser being the Print Newspaper Ad dropping from 7% to 3%, Home Books only bring in 1% of actual buyers.

For years, the internet has been the primary focus of my marketing efforts & the primary source of qualified buyers. The story the graph does not tell is how to make Internet Marketing work. That is the real art & the real science. But that’s another conversation, another post, another day….

Hull’s Drive In

March 28, 2009

Hull’s Drive In – Experience Life Under the Stars
WOW the schedule this Spring is great.

Hull's Drive In Opens this Weekend

Hull's Drive In Opens this Weekend